Document with colour and black and white pages



I print a regular A4 size newsletter using Pub 2003. The first page is
colour and the following five are black and white.
Our printer/copier is provided by a contractor who charges us about 20 cents
per colour page and 1.5 cents per black and white.
My problem is that when I print my newsletter, even though the only colour
elements are on the front page, all the other pages come out greyscale. The
look pretty much the same as black and white, but we are charged for colour.
I have tried changing an individual page to black and white using page
setup, but this has a global effect changing my front page to black and white.
Is there a way to have my document print with the colour and black and white

Rob Giordano [MS MVP]

no. you'd need to do it as separate files one for b&w the other for color,
but if it's set up as a 4 page booklet with an insert and the cover page is
color you're gonna get charged for color for those 4 pages....although I'm
not sure how you're coming up with 5 pages to begin with...are they separate
one sided sheets maybe?

Rob Giordano [MS MVP]

got your email.

you'd have to create page 1 (the color page) as a separate file, then the
other 5 as grayscale in another file.

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