Pub 2007: fill and line colours only show up as black and white



I've used Publisher for years and have never encountered this problem until
I'm running Publisher 2007 on Windows XP (Service Pak 2) with a Canon PIXMA
iP4000. The print set up is for colour (not greyscale).

I can change the colour of text, and the jpeg images I've imported display
in full colour but suddenly, my current document will not display any line
colours or fill colours except black, white or NONE, regardless of what
other colours I select. It's as if some hidden default setting has suddenly
been turned on.

For example, if i create a rectangle and give it blue fill with red border,
I see only a black border around white fill. The colour sample tool indicates
the RGB values for black or white, not for the selected colour.

When I convert the document to PDF, the selected fill and line colours show
up properly.

Now when I open old publisher documents, none of the lines or autoshapes
display properly, if at all. I copied a black rectangle (in this case it was
the intended colour) from an older document, pasted it in my current
document, and tried changing its colour to red. No go.

I've gone through every formatting and display command.
I've checked my print set up and my printer drivers.
I've even uninstalled, reinstalled and diagnosed Publisher 2007.

Any suggestions?

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