Cannot Extract Column Definition on Access 2003 mdb


Don K

I am using Visio 2003 to reverse engineer an Access 2003 backend. (I
inherited this from another developer so there may be issues that I am
unaware of.) When I try to reverse engineer the data mdb, I get the
following error: "Error! Cannot extract column definition for the table/view
'name of table'. The definition is not available or you may not have
sufficient privileges. Please check with your database administrator." I got
this error on all tables in the backend. I googled the error message but
found little information other than 1 page that suggested changing ownership
of the tables. When I opened the mdb and looked at ownership, all tables
had an unknown owner, which I changed to admin. That did not solve the
issue. Has anyone seen this before, and know how to proceed?



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