cell referencing in macros



I have automatically created a macro - however would like to modify it so
that it uses data in cell fields rather than hardcoded values in the macro.
For example: sheet selection currerntly is


I want to make this more flexible by using a value in cell B2 that contains
the value "wk3". I have attempted unsuccessfully to change the macro as it
errors when I put in the cell reference B2. By doing this it will mean I no
longer need to change the macro each time when the week changes - I just need
to change the value in B2 to the current sheet name.

If the reponse could also include referencing the sheet name for the cell B2
as well that would be great - e.g. Summary!B2 or whatever the answer.

Many thanks


You posted to the wrong newsgroup as this one is for Access, a relational
database application that is part of Microsoft Office Professional suite.

You need to post to an Excel site.

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