Change label text on an inserted object displayed as icon



My problem is the text that is displayed with the icon when I "Insert >
Object > Create from File > Display as icon". It shows the absolute path to
where the file was located on my hard drive when inserting the object, rather
than just showing the file name. Also there is not enough space to show the
complete path if it is long.

Example of when this disturbs me:
If I for example want to insert two word documents displayed as icons in
Excel, which both are placed in the same sub-sub-sub-...-folders to the root
then there will be no visual difference between the icons. If I then in a
text cell in Excel refer to the two different file the reader of the document
have to open both files to find out which one I am talking about.

What I want to know:
How can I get only the file name to be displayed with the icon?
How can I manually change the text to anything I want?


Sometimes I think there is a god with a strange sense of humour...

This has bothered me every now and then for years, I have been searching
everywhere for the solution. And then just a few minutes after I take the
step to post the question I find it out my-self...

If someone else have the same problem here is the solution:
When inserting the object, after browsing for the file and choosing the
optioon "Display as icon", press the "Change icon" button. In the bottom of
the dialog that appears you can modify the Caption....

However, I still don't know if this is possible after the object has been
inserted, but that's a very small problem that I don't care about right now!

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