Changing/Manipulating Legend range for a Pivot Chart in XL2010 vsXL2003 and below.


Grumpy Aero Guy

In previous versions of Excel (<=2003), upon creating a pivot table
and chart to obtain a contour map, for example, one could manipulate
the number of colors/contours (major/minor units) via double clicking
in the legend on the Pivot Chart. One was then presented with a dialog/
option window that was somewhat similiar to the functionality of
manipulating standard chart axes, i.e. one could manipulate/change
major and minor units to achieve the desired number of contours.

In Excel 2010, I am unable to find the/a way to acheive the same end.
I have the contour chart (based on the pivot table). It has a number
of ranges in the legend leading to a given number of contours. I would
like to cut the number of contours in half. Example: it now has 10
steps between 200 and 400. I would like to have 5 steps between 200
and 400.

Can anyone provide any insight?

Hopefully my description here makes some sense.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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