Clickable index numbers in Word 2007, for PDF



Using Word 2007 I am trying to eventually create a PDF (created using Acrobat
Pro 9.0) that has clickable page numbers in the TOC, cross-refs and index
that will jump to the relevant page.

I have figured out how to deal with TOC entries and cross-refs within the
Word doc, but can't figure out if there's a way to do something that will
allow the page numbers in index entries in the final PDF to be clickable,
short of (1) adding Acrobat bookmarks in the PDF, or (2) adding hyperlinks in
the generated index in Word before PDFing. Both of those options are out of
the question as the documents are updated regularly and I really don't want
to have to repeat a manual task every time.

Hours of hunting shows that Word 2003 did NOT allow clickable page refs, but
has that been resolved for Word 2007? If not, does anyone have any useful




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