Combo Box Content Control Globalization Issue


M Fitzmaurice

Hi all

I've stumbled into an issue that I hope isn't a Word bug.

I use Combo Box Content Controls to display a list of values that users choose from. This works really well in the English language.
Two other languages that I support are Arabic and Thai.

In both Arabic and Thai documents, the users want English text to display in 11pt but Arabic/Thai (complex script) text to display in 14pt. I achieve this using formatting in the Normal style (see the following two screen shots)

This works well for Arabic text.
The problem is that when a user selects a combo box value in the Thai language, the Thai text reverts to 11pt. Letter.docx

Can anyone explain this behaviour, point out what I may have done wrong, or offer suggestions?

(Apologies if this is the correct place to post this question, I couldn't see any better locations..)


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