ASK Field Formatting

Oct 19, 2021
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Is there a way to format the text that shows in the pop-up box when using ASK fields? I'm not looking to do anything super fancy, just underline or bold but am unable to find anything, I'm concerned this may not be a feature of the ASK field. I've set up an ASK field that has several options, and am trying to allow for the label in the pop-up to be shortened somewhat and yet make sense.

ie: {ASK User "Who is sending this document? Alfred, Betty, Lenny"} (I am not actually looking to determine who the user sending a document is, just using this as a simple/short example)

In this example I would like the letters underlined to prompt users to know that they can simply type 'A' rather than having to type Alfred. When I insert the above however, no underline is visible in the pop-up when the ASK field is activated. I know I could have the label read as A = Alfred, B = Betty etc, but was hoping to save some space in the label as there are several options.

If there is no formatting option, I would be open to alternate methods of accomplishing the same thing (preferably without VBA script if possible as I am not that familiar with them and also have the understanding they can cause issues). Essentially I am looking to have a merged document allow for a user to select one of multiple choices upon merging, and then customize the document based upon what was selected.

Thanks for your time.

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