Template with fields and premade texts..

Jan 13, 2023
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Hi! Im not sure how to ask this question in a way thats understandable, but I will try.

Im wondering if there is a function in word that makes it easy for me to have a template, and just
1: change certain numbers/fields
2: Add or remove a "prewritten text"

Example - a template for a student review

The students name "Name" has got the grade "Grade" in the subject "Subject" with "x%" correct

So when the template is open, a box pop up where I easy fill in whats needed, and dont have to manually go from field to field. Almost like the fx function in Excel where you just add what you want


I would also like to have a box with some checkboxes and based on what I choose, this text will automatically come while the other text is not put on the paper:
- The student was good this year
- The student was not so good this year

I hope this was understandable =)

Thank you for your time and help!

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