Corrupt Calendar View in Cached Mode




I hope somebody may be able to shed some light on an issue we are
experiencing. I have looked all over the net and message boards and have not
been able to see anybody with similar issues.

Some of our users appear to have calendars that show every appointment past
and present that is an all day appointment regardless of date for every day
when cached mode is enabled.

i.e. Today view would show an all day event that was from a week ago even
though it wasn't relevant to today. but it is every all day event, so
potentially hundreds are shown for every day.

This only affects users when cached mode is enabled, and is only relevant
for the calendar they look at. For example Staff1 uses cached mode and has
no corruption. Staff1 opens Staff2's calendar and receives the corrupt view
of Staff2's calendar.

I've tried deleting the ost files, running every outlook parameter to clean
the mailbox and even exported, deleted and re-imported mailboxes, ran ScanOST
and Nothing has fixed them.

This originally started as a single mailbox but is now spreading across the
organisation. (I'm certain it's not a virus).

It appears to be calendar specific and will follow a user regardless of
which PC they use, regardless of outlook 2003/2007 and will occur on a new
ost build every time.

I'm inclined to think it may be something to do with mobile devices and
synchronisation tools such as active sync. e.g. Perhaps the iPhone format of
a Calendar entry is 95% of a standard Outlook one. We have started to use
Mobile devices recently, may be just a coincidence.

For info:
Exchange 2003 Enterprise SP3
Outlook 2003 / 2007
Various activesync compatible phones

Has anybody experienced this or have any ideas what may cause or resolve this?




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