Cut lines for business cards



Is there a way to print cut lines for business cards? I am making personal
business cards but I have found it difficult to cut them out without
guidelines of some sort. Please if there is a way could someone let me know.
I would really appreciate it.




JoAnn Paules [MVP]

If you used pre-scored business card cardstock, you wouldn't have that
problem. Just a hint

Matt Beals

Well all standard sized business cards are 2.0 inches tall x 3.5 inches
wide. Some people prefer them to be vertical instead of horizontal though.
So draw a box that is 7 inches wide x 10 inches tall and center it in the
sheet. Then draw a tick mark (say a 1/4 inch long line with a thickness of
1/2 pt.) above the box at 3.5 inches across the top. Do the same thing for
the bottom. Draw similar tick marks that go sideways from the top down the
grid every two inches on each side. Once you've got all the trim lines in
you can delete the box. One thing to keep in mind when making business cards
is to create it once in a 3.5 x 2 box, group it together, copy it, paste it
so that it is now 3.5 inches from the other card. Select those two and then
step them down 4 times. You should end up with 10 cards per sheet of paper
with all the necessary trim marks in place but outside of the card. That way
you avoid having little black lines show up on the edges and you can avoid
the ugly perforated edges of perforated business card stock. Anyways, most
of the time the perforated stock is too thin for a good business card. For
business cards it is most common to use 80 # cover stock. But before you go
and get any of that make sure your printer can handle paper that heavy. It's
not very flexible. It likes a nice and flat paper path through the printer.

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If you want a real professional look have them professonally done. I
am the biggest fan of a company called Greenlight Productions,

They printed my cards for less than $50. 1000 cards, full color both
sides, glossy coated, and printed on a very heavyweight stock. I
absolutely love them...

Check them out,


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