Error Code 57E



I have tried to install windows updates through windows update for office
2003 and it fails to install the updates with error code 57E. this is
apparently common across both office 2003 and office 2007 so would seem to be
a vista compatibility problem. the update(s) im trying to install are 'Update
for Outlook Junk Email Filter 2003 (KB942571)' and 'Update for Windows Mail
Junk Email Filter [October 2007] (KB905866)' just in case its similar for
others and its just these updates?




I believe i have found a work around.
1. Go to Control Panel>Windows Update>View avaliable updates
2. the list of "failed" updates will appear
3. right click the failed update
4. select "View Details"
5. go to the section labled "More Information"
6. you are taken to
7. i manually downloaded each of my failed updates and it worked fine.

This is cluegy . . . but it works!

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