error when copying/opening DB



Hello, I am working on a DB and tried to back it up. I made a copy of it but
when I open that copy I get an error saying that the VB in that application
is corrupt and I'm not able to open an tables, queries, or anything. When I
try to investigate the error a little further it says that one of the
possibilites may be that I haven't compiled the VB. How do I do that? For
now, the original DB is still working and I'd really hate to lose it as I've
put a lot of work into it. Any other suggestions? In addition to a decent
amount of VB code I do have a separate module in there. I only mention that
because in trying to research this error I've seen a few mentions of modules.

Thanks in advance for any help,


Hi Mark,

'~~~~~~~~~ Compile ~~~~~~~~~

Whenever you change code or references, your should always compile
before executing.

from the menu in a VBE (module) window: Debug, Compile

fix any errors on the yellow highlighted lines

keep compiling until nothing happens (this is good!)

if you run code without compiling it, you risk corrupting your database

Warm Regards,

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:) have an awesome day :)

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