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puter guy

Hi all:

I've been winding my way through these posts trying to figure out how to
post my website. I found a link provided by Dave F describing how to Publish
to Web by saving my 2003 Pub website as an ftp. I followed the steps of
signing in, etc, only to be stumped by an error message stating that my file
is "read only" and was not uploaded successfully.

I checked the properties and while all of the boxes are greyed-out, the
"archive" box is checked. Turning to my trusty F1 has not yeilded any
successfuly work-arounds; I've tried "save as" and renaming, but that doesn't
work either.

Any ideas?




puter guy

I didn't see an "edit" button for my post so I'm to post again. Using David
B's article, (same article I reference below)

I contacted my hosting agent (go Daddy) and asked about FPSE. They
instructed me on how to install FP extensions but that if I did, "install
FrontPage Extensions, you must use Microsoft Frontpage to create, edit, and
update your website." I explicitly told them that I was using MS Pub 2003 so
I don't know if they are just sending me back a generic answer or if I can
install a FP extension and it is compatible with MS Pub.

Thanks again!


First of all, what the GoDaddy people don't realize is that Publisher can
use the FPSE to upload in basically the same way as FrontPage does.
Interestingly, some years ago I found instructions for uploading Publisher
HTML files using the FPSE, on the GoDaddy site. I would bet it is still on
there, buried somewhere.

If you want to use the built in form in Publisher, then you must use FPSE
and HTTP uploading, not FTP. If you use FTP after installing the FPSE, then
you are likely to hose them. If you aren't using the form, then you can
continue to use FTP.

Now as to your "read only" issue, from reading back archives, my
understanding is that the files on your web server, are set to "read only"
to keep them from being overwritten. I have read that if you logon to your
website and the control panel, you may be able to reset the "permissions"
for those files.

The other explanation that I have read (from Rob) is that you are getting
"read only" because you did try to use FTP uploading, and you corrupted the

I would suggest that you log on to your site and control panel, and you
delete your index.htm file and index_files. You might have to uninstall and
reinstall the FPSE after you delete the old files. Then upload new HTML
files using the HTTP uploading protocol.

Here are some references for you:

Read question three:

The HTTP and perhaps the troubleshooting article:

Publisher web publication forms 101:




puter guy

As always David, your feedback has proven helpful. I've deleted my files from
the server as you suggested and I'm going to reload everything but I'm going
to stick to the FTP. The only problem I've run into at this point is when I
uL using IE, I get a time out error message bout every 3 minutes and perhaps
most annoying is that the only way I can get my files up is to load them 2-3
at a time (approx 80-100 images) with error messages happening every so often
- this results in my having to "ok" the message and drag them back onto the
server folder (sometimes more than once).

In any case, I'm going to tear my site apart, start over and just post a
simple site with simple links, a few pictures and go from there. I'm sure
I'll be back on with other questions, etc.

Thanks again David!


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