frontpage vista 64 ultimate



What versions of frontpage work on vista 64 bit?

I used frontpage 2000 for many years on other operatings systems and it
worked fine without problems

It seems the last version of frontpage was released in 2003


As far as I know FP2000 and later will work on Vista 64. FrontPage 2003
definitely runs.

FrontPage 2003 was the last ever version of FrontPage.
FrontPage has been replaced by Expression Web and MS Office SharePoint
Designer. These are NOT upgrades (though Expression Web does have upgrade
pricing). Some knowledge of HTML and CSS are required to get the best out
of these programs.
Expression Web is aimed at standards compliant web sites, and has limited
support for FrontPage components. Expression Web has built in support for
PHP and asp.NET 2.

SharePoint Designer is aimed at SharePoint websites, but has more support
for FrontPage Components. Note that Expression Web does not have a
Navigation View if you use FrontPage navigation components - SharePoint
Designer does have Navigation View.
SharePoint Designer does not support PHP, whereas Expression Web (version 2)

Neither program has any support for VML graphics as produced by FrontPage
and other Office applications (WordArt, ShapeArt, TextBoxes and objects
created using the Drawing toolbar)

A 30 day trial for Expression Web is available from
IMPORTANT: Do not forget the product key obtainable from a link on the
download page.

Sharepoint Designer is a free download from

The newsgroup for Expression Web is microsoft.public.expression.webdesigner
The link
should open the group in your news reader.
There is also a forum at
Read the thread on this forum titled:

BEFORE POSTING - Read this Expression Web Forum FAQ - Important
Information! - BEFORE POSTING
( )

It contains lots of useful information and links.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

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thank you
if you have used them both which one do you think is better? Expression Web
OR MS Office SharePoint ?


Since I aim to build cross browser, standards compliant sites, and have no
use for SharePoint, I use Expression Web, and FrontPage 2003 for reference.
SharePoint designer lasted 2 weeks before I dumped it as a waste of space.
But, for any one using SharePoint or FrontPage components it is a good
replacement for FrontPage.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

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