Get a word document in as xml



Hi, I'm creating a word 2010 add-in with VS2010
I'd like to save the document content (and formats,changes tracking, etc) on
SQL Server.
What would be the best approach?
- Saving the file as a docx file in SQL Server
- Saving the file as xml into as SQL Server typed column

How could I, from my add-in, get the content of the word document
transformed into xml?





Tony Jollans

I can't answer the database question. The docx file would be smaller but
that's not necessarily a big issue these days. Other than that, unless you
want to examine the content within a SELECT statement, the database is
really just a cupboard to put the stuff away in and the format shouldn'y
make a lot of difference.

The WordOpenXML Property will give you Word 2007-format xml if you want it.

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