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I have noticed a number of various sites have pictures where when you click
on them they pop up as a larger pciture.

What are they using to do this.



F Wizard

hi jeff

Well I use FrontPage to do this and also a graphics program. Like Adobe Photoshop. But I do is save one pick the size I would like. Then I reduce one to the size I would like to post on my website, let's call it a thumbnail.

Now this is where things get a little difficult for me to explain. I guess what I would call it is a hyperlink to the larger picture, also known as a pop-up.

I asked this question here once before and got you need some software in order to do this. No you do not need any software in order to make a pop-up and Windows FrontPage 2003 / SP3.

However there is a technique to this.

1. place the thumbnail onto your website.

2. Save the page.

3. Click on the picture, and notice the little boxes on the corners.

4. In the menu at the top, open Format, look for, Behaviors and click on in order to open. Notice to the right you have a new tool at your discretion.

5. There is a box inside the Behaviors, box is call it Insert, it's a drop down. Click on, Open Browser Window. This opens a new dialogue box it's called, Open Browser Window. This box gives you a variety of options.

6. Notice, at the top, Go to URL: this is where you would locate the larger image or document. This is telling the code where the image is.

7. Window Name: insert a name you would like that you will not be using again in this website.

8. Window Width: this is the size of the window you are wanting your picture to appear in, as well as. Window Height. Both of these settings could represent the size of your picture. Width, and Height.

9. Now here are some extra options, Attributes; Navigation Toolbar, Location Toolbar, Status Bar, Menu Bar. These are the same as when you open your browser at the top. The ones that are actually useful. Scrolbars as needed, this is the same as on the side of your browser, allows you to move up and down and side to side. Resize Handles, this allows for your guest to resize the picture viewport to their liking. Of course once you have completed everything you would click, OK. This will add some script to your code. However you're not done yet.

10. Now notice you have in the white box some text, Events and Actions.

11. Click on the word below, Events. This gives you a variety of commands. For instance one, onclick , this tells you that the image needs to be clicked on before the pop-up window opens with your image within.

12. Actions: now if you click on the word below Actions, it should look like this, open browser, notice a new button appears at the top, inside, Delete. Of course you should know what this word represents.

Hopefully this is helpful.

F Wizard

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