Heading font changes automatically




I have a word file with around 100 pages which is a help file. And i us
indexes and hyperlinks extensively in the file. Now each time i open th
file i see all the headings font are reduced to a small size.

font used is Cambria(Headings)
font size 14
Heading type Heading 3
Bold and underline

Also i observed that the font size given in the font box or the fon
name is not changed. only the appearance of the font is reduced to ver
small size.

Another strange thing happening is if i try to increase the font size i
reduces and if i try to decrease it increases. For eg. if i set the fon
from 14 to 1 then it fills the page with the size

I think It started happening after the page count increased over 80 o

Please help

Stefan Blom

Are you saying that this is a display issue only?

By the way, which version of Word are you using?


Hello Stefan,

Thanks for the reply.
Yes I think it is a display issue only because every time i close an
reopen the file i can see the correct fonts. but if start scorlling dow
it will change to small font.
Also i am converting the word file to PDF using a PDF converter. ther
also the font is smaller, not the actual font.

I am using Word 200

Stefan Blom

Updating the display driver for your monitor might help...

Since the issue affects headings, only, you should also check what happens
if you specify a different font for your headings. If that fixes the
problem, the underlying cause might be a damaged font file.

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