how can I export an Access 2007 table to .dbf


Will Ag

In previous versions I have been able to export a .shp file from SitePro (a
GIS program), Import the the .dbf portion of the 3 part .shp file into Access
and manipulate data as needed. I would then export/import back into SitePro
with the new data. With Access 2007, the .dbf file doesn't import even though
I find it in the Browse Window. I can work around that problem by going
through Excel yet I'm stumped again seeing no way to export the table as
..dbf. Thanks




I guess you've solved it by now, but are you sure it id not the name of the
file that is the problem?
I link/import shape-files to Access all the time, but the name has to be
maximum 8 characters and only letters, numbers and _.


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