Import a dbf database into existing access table?


Mac Hardy

The existing access database contains 265000 records (yes, a quarter of a
million!). I need to import records from a dbf database with the same
format. When I import those dbf records they come in as a new table. I want
them appended to the original table, not as a different table. Seems like a
simple problem -- silly me.
Laurence M. Hardy



Jeff Boyce


There's no guarantee that the dbf database is well-normalized. Before you
automatically add new records to your Access table, take the time to review
"relational" and "well-normalized". If you import the dbf data in a new
table (i.e., temporary, raw import data), you can always use a query to
'load' your more permanent, well-normalized table structure in Access.

Good luck!


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP




If you have the correct OBDC driver, you could link to the dbf file and use
an append query to import the data. If you can't import directly into your
access table, then you could import the dbf data, use an append query to copy
the data into the Access table, and delete the dbf data.

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