How to copy styles within same template?



I have Word 2007

Is it possible to copy from one style to another *in the same

For example, I want List Number 2, List Bullet 2, and List Continue 2
to have the identical style, except for the numbering.

So, it would be great if I could simply copy List Number 2 to List
Bullet 2, and List Continue 2, then modify only the numbering.



Stefan Blom

Create a style that defines the common characteristics and then base all the
other styles on that style. To specify the based-on style, change "Style based
on" in the Modify Style dialog box.

Note that settings you have explicitly modified in the "child" styles won't
automatically adjust to the settings of the new "parent." See

You may find it easier to first create a parent style, then create custom styles
based it, and finally apply numbering as desired to the children.

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