how to create an HTML document to be emailed



I get alot of email that is a very elegant HTML document.

Is there a simple way to create these with FrontPage 2003?

If so, are there tutorials around to lead me throught the technical stuff?


I know that I need to make all the image links absolute links [that is a URL
configured fully like rather
than what would be in a normal HTML document ( "lake.gif" or "../lake.gif"
or "/Okabena/images/lake.gif"].

But, when I try to COPY/PASTE the source of what I have created in FrontPage
to my email client,, I get lost. The HTML code shows up as literal
text in the Yahoo email creation box. A test copy sent to myself show the
HTML code as literal text.

Apparently there needs to be some way to get the email cleint to identify
this as source code. Or there is some other process to follw. How does one
do this?

Or, is one suppose to evoke a browser from your HTML creation and use the
send email function? This is the FILE/SEND/Page by Email option that brings
up the Windows Messaging Setup Wizard. Since I use the email
service to send and receive email, this option doesnt rise up and grab my
mind as the answer to my need. I dont think this wizard has a gizzard for
Yahoo. . . . .

Am I missing something simple here?

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