How to fit a data graphic with shapes ??



It's not been a while since I use visio2007 so this might be stupid question
but I'm serious.
Thesedays, I'm making a server rack diagram using visio2007.
especially data graphic function is really facinating me so I tried to use it.
By now, it really make me crazy.. I have no idea how to fit this data
graphic with Rack Diagram.
Once I link excel data then apply data graphic nextby server .. it doesnot
fit each other.
I tried to adjust scale but it was not a solution of this.
I also tried to data graphic seperately, yes it can. but still remain some
limitation to fit.
Would you somebody help me and let me know how to fit a data graphic to
shape's size ??
How could I modify a data graphic's master in visio2007 ??
Thanks in advance.

Al Edlund

Unfortunately, it appears it may be involved. I am assuming by "how to fit a
data graphic to shape's size ??" you mean to the vertical size (rack units).
Since a datagraphic's height is the accumulation of the discrete shapes, each
of the subshapes would have to be modified . They are not a group, they are
subshapes applied to the target shape. What this means in real life is that
just about anything you apply globally to the datagraphic, happens to the
target shape as well.....

There are three blogs that spend a good deal of time on datagraphics.

Chris Roth's (
David Parker's (, also has an excellent book
on applying data to drawings
Microsoft (


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