How to Make Photo Inline?



I drag photos onto a page in MS Publisher then drag them to
where I need them. I then convert them to 'inline' and not
'move with text'
I need a bit of VBA which I can use as a macro to do the
conversion to inline image which doesnt 'move with text'.
But I cannot get the code right. Below is my rather feeble

Sub Image_Convert_Inline()

Dim sShape As Shape
Dim sRange As TextRange

Set sRange = ActiveDocument.ActivePage.TextFrame.TextRange

If Not Selection.ShapeRange.IsInline Then
Selection.ShapeRange.MoveIntoTextFlow Range:=sRange
End If

End Sub

The above is cobbled together from snippets I have seen on
the web but without much understanding. Nevertheless you may
be able to see what I am trying to do.
The compiler flags 'ActivePage' as unknown.

Can anyone help?


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