Import PowerPoint Block Diagram into Visio 2003 Pro



I created a big block diagram in PowerPoint before we attained Visio
here. Now that I have Visio, I would like to import that into Visio to
modify it and put it in that format. My problem is when I import it,
it imports as a picture and I cannot move any lines from one block to
another, etc. Is there a way of importing the diagram from PowerPoint
into Visio and have it editable instead of being an object that cannot
be changed??

Thank you



Chris [Visio MVP]

You should be able to "ungroup" the Powerpoint object.

Or, copy from PowerPoint, and Paste-Special as a metafile. Then ungroup it.

You'll get way too many shapes, and text will probably be separate from the
blocks etc, but you might be able to salvage some of it - will be better
than starting from nothing.

Other possibilites would be to write some sort of VBA script that can
analyze the PPT drawing and create a Visio drawing using Visio shapes and
techniques, but that might be too much effort, especially if you only need
to do this once or twice.


Jan 8, 2013
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WIll new Vision 2010 will help with this

We are still on Visio 2007 and wondering if Visio 2010 or later will support direct export or copy-paste from Powerpoint to Visio.



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