Import text file with macro - Invalid argument (Error3001)



I have a macro that uses Action: TransferText with Transfer Type: Import
Fixed Width. It uses a Specification I've been using for years and still
runs fine. I now need to change the specification but using a newly created
spec causes an Invalid argument (3001) error when I import via a macro.

I can manually import the text file using the new spec but it won't work in a
macro. Even doing a Save As off the old spec (without making any changes at
all) to a new spec name triggers the same invalid argument, but again I can
import manually without a problem.

I'm running many different Access 2002-2003 databases in 2007 and am hesitant
to start converting them all to 2007.

I run this macro several times throughout the day and need a fix besides
manually importing the file.

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