Import Timesheet into Tasks - Timesheet selection dropdown list




The dropdown list to select a timesheet in the "Import Timesheet" page
(resultant of clicking on "Import Timesheet" from "My Tasks" page) is HUGE.
It is so big because it includes every period since we started using Project
Server 2007.

Is there a way to sort this list, descending order??
Is there a way to shorten this list, by any criteria??

Thanks so much.


May 1, 2012
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EPM Timesheet Import in Task

I am facing some issues while importing timesheets under Task(s).

Problem :

In the PWA browser application, I choose "My Tasks", then the "Import timesheet" button. A drop-down list of timesheets appears.

Is there any way to get the drop down list of timesheets to be imported to be a little more sensible?

The timesheets appear in no particular order, and include timesheets which have already been imported. This seems to mean that the list will keep growing, and it will be extremely difficult to locate timesheets which need to be imported. Is there a way of ensuring that the list by default appears in one or more of the following formats:
a) Sorted by date (preferably showing the latest first)
b) Showing only those which have not yet been imported.
c) As a less acceptable alternative to (b) above, showing only "recent" ones (say in the last 4-5 weeks)

Also, if I make a mistake and import a timesheet more than once, is any harm done?

I need to answer the above questions for my users.

Hope that you can help me out to resolve the same.

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