Importing txt file: Anyway to specify row breaks?



I have a large word document that is a directory of contact information - I
have replaced all the Name: / Phone: / Email: / Fax: / Website: text with " &
" and am using that as my delimiter symbol, so I thought I could just import
it and have each piece of information go into it's own column.

The problem is that I have no way of telling excel when to start a new row
with the information that I'm importing - essentially I want it to start a
new row every, say, five 'pieces of information,' so that I have name / phone
/ email / fax / website columns, and a long list of names, phone #'s, email
addresses, etc. under each heading. Right now it is just running all the
information together, so that my columns go name / phone / email / fax /
website / name / phone / email / fax / website /name / phone / email / fax /
website /name ... etc., and then carry over onto the next row once it runs
out of room.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for how I can specify a new row?

Hopefully this makes sense - let me know if you need clarification at all.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Dave O

Do you have the patience or time to do your search and replace again?
This time replace "Website:" with the ampersand and a paragraph mark.
Including the paragraph mark will cause each group of 5 to appear on
its own line, and will make the import to Excel much cleaner.

Dave O

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