Individual vacation calendars in a team resource

May 22, 2015
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I want to have a team of multiple employees as a resource and include their individual vacation plans into my project plan.

So far I had a single resource for my whole team with Max Units of e.g. 700% (for 7 team members). (Every employee can do every task.) I assigned the resource to my tasks, when I expected 1 employee to work on that task and increased the percentage to e.g. 200%, if I expected to have two employees working in parallel on the same task.

But now I struggle with including the individual vacation plans of the employees into my project plan. Of course I can assign a resource calendar and add exceptions, but as far as I understood it, are those exceptions exceptions for all 7 team members and not for 1 out of the 7.
If I try to create for each employee an own resource I can easily add individual calendar exceptions for each resource, but then I struggle to add all of these employees as a group to my tasks. I can add individual resources to a task or tell which resources work on that task, but this is an information I do not want to plan. Since every employee can do every task, I want the ones who are free to do the corresponding tasks (whoever that is).

Currently I do it with do it by having a common resource for the team (with 700%) and creation of vacation tasks that block 100% of my resource for the vacation time. So for each vacation period of each employee I have to create an own task. I don't like this approach, but fail as I wrote above for the vacation planning with calendars and exceptions.

Can someone tell me how to achieve individual vacation plannings and having at the same time a team resource?


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