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Flat Earth

Do I understand correctly that Netscape does not support inline frames at

I recently made a page using inline frames and it work great in IE, pretty
well in Opera, and not at all in Netscape7.

What do you do in such a case--just not use inline frames (I know people say
you shouldn't use frames, and I know the shortcomings (can't address, for
exmp), but how else can I easily keep an abiding table on the page and swap
other material in and out of a main cell?

This is a magazine with 500-600 stories, poems, essays that have been
published over the past 8 years. I want to keep a table onscreen with the
masthead at top and the footer at bottom, all in view, and a middle cell
with an inline frame in which the stories/poems/essays appear when clicked
on in the table of contents.

I did is and it worked fine (except for the scrollbar, which i guess you
can't get rid of), but then Netscape would show the inline frame content at

I'd like to do it without the use of frames if there's a way, but I don't
know any way. Do you?

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