Installing additional items in a mutiversion environment



I an not sure if this is the correct group to post in but the
setupconfig group has very low activity so I thought I would try the
general usenet group first.

My question is regarding adding components to Access97 when Access
2000 is also installed on the same machine. I know there is a MS
Knowledgebase article about installing two versions (Access97 and
Access2000) on the same machine at

However, the article does not make it clear if you have to add
Access97 components after both versions have been installed,
specifially Advanced Wizzards to get the Link Table Manager, what
process/procedure to follow.

The article does make it clear you have to rename the font
'Hatten.ttf' to something like 'Hatten.sav' and rename the existing
MSAccess executable file from MSAccess.exe ri MSAccess.2k when you
install Access97 after Access2000 is already installed. You are also
instructed to install Access97 in a new subfolder, rather than
accepting the default installation path.

Does anyone have experience with installing the Access97 additional
components after Access97 and Access2000 has been installed? If so
would you be so kind to post the details of adding the additional

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

Tony Nichols



Susie DBA [MSFT]

I would reccomend not using 97 for anything; it doesn't include
support for Access Data Projects


I would reccomend not using 97 for anything; it doesn't include
support for Access Data Projects

- Show quoted text -

I wanted to post back to the question I posted yesterday with my
experience so if I am able to assist others in the future we have been
able to share some knowledge.

I ran the Office97 installation disk, I added the 'Additional
Wizzards' installation option and the setup routine found the initial
setup path and installed the required files with no problems.

I did NOT have to rename the Hatten.ttf file or the Access 2000
executable file.

Hope this proves to be helpful to someone in the future.

BTW, Susie DBA you prove to be extremely harse and did not provide any
insight for me or anyone reading the usenet group. Next time save
your time and do not contribute unless you are providing helpful

Tony Nichols


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