Limiting access for graphics designers



Hey all,

I am looking for a good way to limit access to frontpage folders/files
for my graphics designers. Our web developers have full access to all
files and folders on our staging system with frontpage extensions, but
our Graphics designers only should have access to IMAGES, FLASH, and
STYLESHEETS subfolders.

Is there an easy way to accomplish this on over one thousand sites?

David Berry

Put them in password protected sub webs. When you create the sub web choose
Tools, Security and set the permissions to be UNIQUE from the root. The
just give those users Author and Browse access to just those sub webs and
remove their access to the root web.

You can also see

Password Protect Part of a Web: (Requires FrontPage extensions on
server, and host must support subwebs with unique permissions);en-us;301554 (FP2000);en-us;825451 (FP2003)

Protect individual pages: (Requires Windows Server with support for ASP
and Access database);en-us;825498

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