Need Graphic Format for Word 2007 Template



Hi, we are trying to get a decent letterhead template setup for a client to
use in Word 2007. We just need to add the proper header and footer graphics.
I definitely could use some help/advice!

The master graphics were created in Illustrator CS4 on a Mac and are CMYK.
All Word files were created on a PC, though, running Word 2007.

The first thing we tried was EPS. But this fails of course on the client's
non-postscript printers (b&w lasers). The EPS files did have TIF 8-bit color
previews, but this doesn't seem to help (tried with/without). The PDFs made
from Word are also getting a bit chunky on small curves (like a lowercase c
or o).

The second thing we tried was TIF. I made a 300dpi TIF file with no
transparency. This was left CMYK. This version does 'OK', but prints with a
very faint light gray background behind the graphic (even though the
background is solid white). The PDF made from Word also shows this background
color, but on looking closely it appears that the graphics have been turned
into VERY poor quality JPEGs (lots of compression artifiacts).

We also tried a 24-bit PNG (which is RGB by nature). This did have
transparency. But this produces the worst color matching and lowest quality.
PDFs were apparently very fuzzy (I'm guessing a lot of compression artifacts).

HELP! We just need to get a simple 2-color logo, tagline and address line
into Word in a way that will print well on our client's color lasers, and
make decent PDFs.

I think having to use Word is punishment for designers who have wronged
someone in a really bad way apparently...


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