Making tables break across columns but NOT break across pages



I have a Word document formatted for two colums per page. I hav
multiple tables, some of which are longer than a single column. I wan
the tables to continue on (i.e. break) into the second column so that
can fit the max number of tables on a page.

However, I do NOT want the table to continue on to the next page. An
one table needs to be visible on a single page at all times.

I understand that under "Tables" --> "Layout" --> "Properties" -->
"Row" I can clear (uncheck) "Allow Row to Break Across Pages." Tha
solves the second problem but by doing so it also prevents the row fro
breaking into the second column on the same page. In other words, tha
actions treats a column break the same as a page break.

Can anyone help


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