Modern equivalent of Autotext in Word?

Aug 19, 2021
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A home inspector friend of mine had someone who built a home inspector application using a very old version of Word. 2003 or maybe older. Anyway, he has a lot of verbiage he's built into autotext over the years and wants his app (including autotext) to work in modern version of Word but he's lost contact with whomever built it. Any suggestions, like maybe custom dictionary or some sort of option to read in an outside file? The key thing is he wants to be able to type in a combination of letters/numbers (FH7 for ex) and have the text auto inserted where his cursor is. I'm not a word developer, don't know VBA but I used to be a mainframe and java/oracle developer years ago but hoping it doesn't need to be that complicated. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

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