Modifying the timesheet view - Project 2003



Project Server / Project Professional 2003 with Service Pack 1.

We have two new custom fields that we want to display on the timesheet
so when team members look at their tasks they will see the new fields.
One is a custom field and one is a custom outline code. Both are at
the task level.

I can modify the timesheet view and add the new columns and they show
up when a team member goes to their task tab. In order for the columns
to actually have any data, a project manager must go to each project
and then do Tools > Customize > Published fields and add the new fields
and then republish the plan with republish all assignments. Somewhat
annoying, but it works.

Now for the part that I don't understand: The fields show up in the
timesheet and the data is being displayed. If I try and group on
either one of the new fields, nothing happens. It is as if I grouped
on the choice "None". I am able to group on the other columns that
exist in the view. However, what it seems like is that I can only
group on the columns that were originally in the timesheet view.

Am I missing something? Any suggestions?




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