MS Access and ASP pages




I have a page on my website connected to an Access database. I can
access a query and publish the results on the page OK. I am trying to
update the database via a web page and have been successful in updating
one of the tables(GigVenues). The problem I have is updating two tables
together( One tables FK references the PK of the other) Frontpage only
allows me to select one table!

Table 1: GigVenues: VenueID(PK Autonumber),VenueName, VenueAddress, etc
Table 2: GigDates: GigID (PK) Autonumber),GigDate, VenueID(FK references

What I need to do is to be able to update the GigDates table and to have
a Combo box to select the VenueName in the GigVenues table, but I can
only connect to one table at a time and the VenueID(FK)in the same table
is no good without being able to see the VenueName.

Thanks in anticipation


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