ms word 2003 table right border vanishes when table resized


mega Zwatcher

Hello, i am having difficulty creating a 3 column table that fills the pagefrom left to right margins.

my page margins are set at 0.5" for both left and right margin, giving me 7..5" between to work with. but when i create a table it does not fill the 7.5" so i grab the liwer right toggle and drag to resize it but as it passes 6.5" the right border of the table turns invisible.
the toggle box is there and the courser blinks in the space but any table borders and text that pass 6.5" can't be seen

here is a screen capture

how can i fix this?



Stefan Blom

Click in the table and then select Table | Table Properties. Make sure that
"Text wrapping" is set to "None," and click OK. To adjust the width to fit
between the page margins, you may also have to click Table | AutoFit |
AutoFit to Window. Finally, click Table | AutoFit | Fixed Column Width.

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