need help with CSS and DWT



Web site is I didn't design it, but am now the
person updating it.
It was created with a theme applied, and shared borders top and bottom.
I'd like to change it to CSS and DWT. I followed the directions here:
to convert a web site from shared borders to dynamic web templates. However,
I have some problems with the result, possibly because of the theme still

Along the top of every page is a blue band (background) made to look like it
has a rounded bottom edge. The rest of the page has a white background. The
shared top border includes the logo and the top part of an image of a
rounded-top stained glass window. There's a vertical bar on the left side
with the navigation buttons on it. The top of that bar has the bottom of the
stained glass window. The problem I get is that the rounded edge of that
blue background no longer lines up nicely with the part that's included in
the edge of the stained glass window image. And the logo now covers up part
of that rounded section. It's as though the blue part of the background is
no longer tall enough, or the window image and the logo image are too low on
the page. - All this is with still having the theme applied... and that
background is part of the theme.
I compared the code for the top of the DWT page and the top border, and
other than the code telling that the one is a shared border, everything is
the same. I don't understand why they don't display the same way. There's
nothing that I can see that tells the images in the DWT to display further
I can't post the pages with the DWT at this time, as I'm waiting for
permission from the church to make the changes.

I don't know how to take the elements of the theme and make them into a CSS.
There is a .css referenced on the web pages as part of the theme.
<!--mstheme--><link rel="stylesheet" type="test/css"
href="_themes/good-shepherd/good1011.css"> I really don't understand how
themes are created and how they work. When I look at the theme, there are a
lot of elements that aren't even used on our web site (horizontal nav
buttons, quick back buttons, etc.)

My understanding is that using CSS and DWT would be better in the long run,
but since the theme and shared borders work fine, should I bother trying to
change it?

Is there any (fairly easy) way to take the theme and make it into a CSS?

I think I would be fine if it weren't for the image of the window having a
rounded background, and the rounded edges of the top background needing to
line up with the ones at the edge of the window image.

If anyone would care to help me sort this out, I would be really grateful.



OK, I will leave the sight with shared borders and a theme, since that
works, and forget about CSS and DWT for now.
One day, when I have learned more, I might look at it again. Or when they
want the site re-designed, and don't care if it looks the same as it does

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