Solved Disk Full error message when exporting PDF

Apr 4, 2022
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I recently had an infuriating issue with Publisher (latest version; Microsoft 365; Version 2108) where a single page Publisher file of only 10 MB threw a 'disk full' error message when trying to export a PDF version. This despite having over 44 Gb of free disk space. The file had two images: an image used as a background covering the whole page; and an image inserted into the Publisher page.

By removing the background image and inserting it into the Publisher page and then placing the second image over the top of the first image, the problem was solved and Publisher happily exported the page as a PDF. I assume that for some arcane reason, the use of a page background managed to bugger things up. Don't know how or why. Only know it did.

I report this in hopes that it helps the next poor mug who has this issue.

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