need to remove the cycle of import tasks in team member side



In project server 2007 we have timesheet entry workflow.
which is Team Member --> TimeSheet Manager -----> Team Member (which import
tasks and then submit again to Project Manager)

Our company needs that team member dont need to import tasks .
when he submit to timesheet manager then Timesheet manager approve and
import tasks and then sent to project manager.

company dont want the team member import and sent to project manager .
how to remove this cycle .
Kindly reply me soon

Dale Howard [MVP]

Sam --

There is no default way in Project Server 2007 to meet your reporting
requirements. But you can simplify things a bit by installing the Tied Mode
tool, free for download from Codeplex at:

After installing this tool, whenever a team member saves (or submits) a
timesheet for approval, the system will automatically transfer the task
Actual Work entries to the team member's My Tasks page. From there the team
member can simply submit the update from the My Tasks page.

If you need more automation than this, then you will need to use custom
software development to achieve this goal. In that case, I recommend you
repost your question in the microsoft.public.project.developer newsgroup and
let our developer friends guide you to a solution. Hope this helps.

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