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Lisa Barringer

I am wondering if there is a way to add the "standard rate" field somwhere in
the template for adding a new resource without having the add a custom field?
Also, to make it a required field?




Hello Lisa,

In the future, please post questions about using Microsoft Project in
conjunction with Project server to the Project Server newsgroup. This
is an outdated newsgroup that we are trying to close down.

To begin to answer your question:

You can set a common standard hourly rate for resources on the General
tab of the Tools > Options dialog box. The rate is usually set at
zero, but you could enter a rate and then click the Set As Default
button to over write the default zero setting in the Global Template.
As far as I know, (but I do not use Project Server) there is no way to
make the field "required" but by setting the default rate, that may
not be required.

I have set the follow-up to your message to the project server
newsgroup. Please post any follow up questions there.

I hope this helps. Let us know how you get along.

Project MVP

Visit for the FAQs and additional information
about Microsoft Project

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