No Current Record Error, Scheduled Task



I am receiving the "No Current Record" error in Access 2007 for a scheduled
task that runs a macro to send object (Report) and then close database. When
I run the macro directly from the database it runs correctly. However, when
it is run as a scheduled task the error appears. The error is also
inconsistent, sometimes it runs without it and sometimes it runs with it.
The scheduled task run command is:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12\MSACCESS.EXE" "I:\Access
Databases\Managed Care\DailyCensus.accdb" /x email

Any help as to specifically what causes this error is greatly appreciated.



Steve Schapel


The command line for your scheduled task appears to be correct.

Can you give us the details of the 'email' macro?


It is basically just two actions:

Action Arguments
SendObject Report,YTDrevenue, PDF Format

Steve Schapel


I don't know the reason for this problem. But the first thing I would try
is to temporarily remove the CloseDatabase action from the macro, and see if
you still get the error. That will help to narrow down where to look
further for the cause.


I'm running into the same issue. I don't have an exact cause - I tried the
knowledge base that seemed to indicate some issue with grouping and

I have another access database that I'm exporting to PDF and it works great.
I tried to do that "simple" report and export it - same issue. (simple = no
grouping, no calculations)

I'm not clear if this is a number of records issue or a database
construction issue.

The way I solved it was to run the same type of line you are running in your
post with a runtime version of MSAccess (downloadable from Microsoft) on a
No issue - ran just fine.

Running it locally on my laptop it stopps after 20 or 30 records with ERR
being the last entry in the PDF output before it stopps.

In some cases I seemed able to get all the information out by hitting the OK

This is a really strange error.

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