No forward engineering in Visio for Enterprise Architects


Lee C.

Greetings. I downloaded Visio for Enterprise Architects (Visual Studio 2005)
(English) from MSDN and installed it--only to find that it is more like Visio
Pro, not VEA. I cannot forward engineer databases, because the choice is not
present in the Database menu.

In addition, the help file says:
Note This version of Visio can't forward engineer your database model. In
other words it can't use a database model you create in a Visio to create a
new schema in your database. However, you can forward enginner with Microsoft
Visio Enterprise Architect edition, which is included in Visual Studio .NET
2003 Enterprise.

Well, this info came from Microsoft Visio Enterprise Architect edition, but
it's the 2005 edition.

MSDN File info:
Date/Time Posted: 2005-10-27 16:12:03 (UTC)

File: en_visio_enterprise_architects_2005.iso ISO-9660 CD Image

Description: Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise Architect includes advanced
Visio-based modeling solutions for developers. With Visio for Enterprise
Architects, you can perform round-trip engineering on software with the UML
Model diagram, and on databases with the Database, ER, and ORM Source Model

Visio for Enterprise Architects is only for use with Visual Studio 2005. You
must first install Visual Studio 2005 and then install Visio for Enterprise
Architects. Both products must be installed on the same computer.

Please help.



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