Office 2007 SP2



I can't install Office 2007 SP2.. I currently have version 12.6023.5000.
Runing XP. I purchased Office 2007 on-line and don't have discs and
understand replacements are available.

Detection process fails, possibly due to corprupted data base. I had hoped
the update SP2 would fix the annoying flashing installer problem and the now
unintergrated Office suite. One product is not linked with any other, for
example, in Outlook I can't open Word attachments. At some websites, can't
open Outlook to use as mail server.

How would I fix this, short of uninstalling and reinstalling and then
upgrading to all Office updates.



Peter Foldes

You need to uninstall the Office 2007 Trial version and the Activation Assistant
before attempting to install the purchased version of Office 2007.

Uninstall the Trial version and all office installation including the purchased
version and the Activation Assistant doing the following


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