Outlook Today and tasks....




I'm very new to Outlook 2003, so I've probably done this the hard
way.....We've got a small 3 person company. In order to keep our calendars,
tasks, and contacts synch'd, we went ahead and signed up for a hosted
exchange service. As email is really a very small part of our business, we
only signed up for one exchange email account. We've been able to synch the
calendar and contacts without any problems....we haven't been able to synch
the Tasks though. We want it set up so that we can look at each other's
tasks and make changes to those tasks if needed. Sharing doesn't work
because we only have the one email account set up.

As a work around, we created a 2nd task folder called "shared tasks". For
whatever reason, that folder and all of it's tasks show up and synch
correctly on each of our computers. So basically, everything is working the
way we need it too. However, on Outlook Today, we can't seem to figure out
how to get those "shared tasks" to show up under the Task heading. We can
get the folder itself to show up under the "messages" part of Outlook Today,
but not under the Task part. If you click on the Task heading itself it
takes you directly to the original tasks folder. It's only a cosmetic thing,
but it would be nice to have the tasks under "shared tasks" showing up under
the Task heading. Is there a way to assign the "shared tasks" folder to the
Task heading in Outlook today? (gee...hope all of this makes sense! )




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