Page Numbers and Multiple Tabs (Excel 2000)




I am trying to print multiple tabs in a single worksheet with page numbers
using the Header/Footer function. The problem is that each tab has different
page setups for size and number of pages, and each time I try to add the
header and footer across the multiple tabs, Excel 2000 appears to set ALL of
the tabs to the same setting.

What am I doing wrong, and is there any way to fix/circumvent this? Putting
these spreadsheets into Word as objects is not really an option.

Thank you very much for your help!


First of all, let's get the terminology straight. Excel has workbooks.
Workbooks have worksheets. A worksheet has a tab. It cannot have more than
one. You can set printer settings for each worksheet. You can select
multiple worksheets by selecting their tabs and apply the same print
settings to the selected worksheets. As for the actual printing, you can
select the worksheets you want to print.


Dave Peterson

How about doing each worksheet's header/footer separately?

Don't group the worksheets before you do File|page setup.

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