Paper settings change for specific printer


Barry A&P

I just installed access 2007 and my application uses reports to print labels.
Specifically a Dymo turbo 400 and 30252 address labels. when i was using
acess 2003 i specified to use a specific printer and everything was great.
and when i copied updated FrontEnds to my networked computers every thing
transfered and the labels printed fine however with 07 the "Specifc printer"
has a different page size.. i fixed all the reports on my master FE but the
changes didnt stay when i copied FE to other computers and im not sure where
to go. i installed all the printers from the same disk at the same time on
three newly re-imaged computers all with the same corporate version of XP and
access 07, if i fix all of the reports on one FE and copy it to the other
computers Same issue the specific printer has 30753 FileTab selected as the
paper source (or something similar).

I dont see having to setup all reports on each networked computer everytime
i do a FE update..


Barry A&P

Name Auto correct was enabled under access options

I found the answer under a post "Size of report Changes" by jeff Boyce
Thanks for doing what you do jeff

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