Password Protection and Tracked Changes



I have word documents that are password protected with tracked changes turned
on. I recently learned that someone can in fact make changes, click the show
final and re-save the document as a .pdf without my knowledge that anything
was changed. I need to allow tracked changes to a document and the ability
to email it back to me without any possible changes that do not show. I have
the document password protected and tracked changes turned on, but I
understand there is a workaround. Want the ability to confirm that no
changes will be made except ones that are tracked. Using Word 2007, any


If you allow track changes, you allow users to do what you describe.
When you receive an edited document, you can always run a compare back to
the original version you have, this will show all the changes that have
occurred in the document, whether they be tracked or not.
Hope this helps

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